The Importance of The Right Headshot

A headshot is an opportunity to define yourself to the world!

In today’s ever-changing economy it’s critical to be adaptive. Communication with your peers and key opinion leaders is necessary. What better way to say that you’re back, or that you’re pivoting, or that you’re still relevant than with an updated and impactful headshot. At Headshot Honchos, we make sure that you’re the head honcho.

Low Key Lighting

Low key photography uses shadows and light to draw the viewer in. In this case, the lighting technique creates a comforting warm feeling. The subject looks both powerful and approachable, two valuable concepts to convey in an effective headshot.

The lighting style where the nose and cheekbone create a framing shadow under the eye is known as Rembrandt, after the Dutch Golden Age painter, who made the dramatic look famous.

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